Shopback vs Cashrewards: Top Cashback Shopping Sites in 2024

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Unveiling the Best in Australian Cashback: A Detailed Comparison of Shopback and Cashrewards – Discover Which Platform Offers Superior Savings and Deals.

Today, we’re exploring Shopback versus Cashrewards, delving into Australia’s leading cashback apps, a topic that’s become increasingly relevant as we all look for ways to stretch our dollars further. I’ve spent a fair bit of time navigating this landscape, so now it’s time to share with you my findings. 

If you’re anything like me, you love a good deal. And in the digital age, that’s where cashback services like Shopback and Cashrewards come into play.

I’ve previously dissected the ins and outs of Cashrewards in a detailed post (which you can read here). But today, we’re focusing on Shopback, a major player in the cashback scene. 

What makes it tick? How does it stack up against Cashrewards? And most importantly, can it save you money?

Read on to find out what I think.


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Logos of ShopBack and Cashrewards side by side, symbolizing a comparison between the two cashback service providers.

Shopback Against Cashrewards? Which Is Better?

This Shopback review covers many of the features and perks of Shopback. So let’s address the burning question from the outset – do I recommend Shopback as the cashback app of choice? Or is the Cashrewards counterpart a better option?

Here’s my take: The best strategy is not to choose one over the other, but to combine the strengths of both ShopBack and Cashrewards, maximizing the cashback rewards you receive.

Having both the Shopback and Cashrewards apps is my recommended solution. Each platform operates in a very similar fashion, however, one platform may ‘supersize’ a specific retailer’s promotion at different periods throughout the year.

So here’s how I use them in tandem. 

  • Open up both apps and have a quick glance at the cashback offerings before making an online purchase.
  • Use the app that offers the highest percentage cashback for the specific retailer at that time. 
  • Since retailers are constantly updating their promotions and deals throughout the year, you will find that in one particular month of the year, Cashrewards may offer a higher cashback rate for that retailer. However, in the following month, it may be Shopback that offers a higher cashback for that retailer.
  • That’s why I recommend using both apps and checking each before you navigate to the official retailers site and make the purchase. That way, you will maximise the cashback you receive on each purchase. 

Sure it may be twice the work, but it only takes 15 seconds to open up the app, search the retailer and see the cashback offer they have at the present time. So it’s worth the combined 30 seconds if you ask me.

Continue reading this review to uncover more about the Shopback platform and how it compares to Cashrewards.

Access Exclusive Cash back Sign-up Bonuses!

I understand that some of you reading this may already be seasoned navigators of the cashback space. For you, the immediate draw might be the enticing signup bonuses. If that sounds like you, feel free to skip right ahead to uncover exclusive sign-up bonuses with Shopback and Cashrewards.

But if you're new to the world of cashback and curious about how it all works, stick with me—there's plenty to uncover in this review before you take the plunge.

What is ShopBack and How Does It Work?

ShopBack: A User’s Gateway to Cashback Rewards

At its heart, ShopBack is a cashback service that rewards its users for shopping through their platform. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly into your online shopping, allowing you to earn back a portion of the money you spend. This concept is straightforward but powerful, especially in today’s digital shopping era.

How Users Benefit from ShopBack

A visual depiction of the cashback process with ShopBack, featuring a happy woman in a pink hoodie using the app on her smartphone, alongside dynamic illustrations showing the cashback flow.
Experience hassle-free savings with ShopBack, one of the best cashback apps in Australia.

When you make an online purchase through ShopBack, the platform tracks this transaction. After the purchase is verified, a percentage of the amount spent is credited back to your ShopBack account as cashback. This cashback can be a fixed percentage of your purchase or vary depending on the retailer and current promotions.

The Process of Earning Cashback

The process begins when you log into your ShopBack account and select a retailer to shop with. ShopBack directs you to the retailer’s website, where you make your purchase as usual. ShopBack tracks this purchase using cookies or similar tracking technologies. After the retailer confirms the purchase, ShopBack credits the cashback to your account.

This cashback can then be withdrawn to your bank account, PayPal account, or converted into gift cards, depending on your preference. The versatility of ShopBack’s cashback options, including direct bank transfers to your bank account and the option to convert to gift cards, positions it as a flexible online platform for diverse user needs.

Step-by-step instructions for using ShopBack, illustrated with simple, engaging icons, guiding users to sign in, shop, and receive cashback.
Kickstart your cashback journey with ShopBack - simple steps to big savings.

Cashrewards operates on a similar principle, offering cashback for shopping through their platform. Like ShopBack, users must access retailer sites via Cashrewards to earn cashback on their purchases. The core mechanism of cashback tracking is akin to ShopBack, with variations primarily in retailer partnerships, cashback rates, and special promotions.

Signing Up: ShopBack vs. Cashrewards Step-by-Step Guide

ShopBack Signup Process

  1. Visit the Website or Download the App: Start by visiting the ShopBack website or downloading their mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Create an Account: Click on ‘Sign Up’ and enter your details like email address, creating a password. You also have the option to sign up using your Facebook or Google account for a quicker process.
  3. Verification: After entering your details, you’ll need to verify your email address. ShopBack sends a verification link to your email; clicking this link activates your account.
  4. Linking Payment Information: Once your account is active, you can link your bank account or PayPal account to transfer your cashback rewards.
  5. Start Shopping: Now you’re ready to start shopping. Navigate through the app or website, select your preferred retailer, and shop as usual to earn cashback.

Cashrewards Signup Process

  1. Visit the Website or Download the App: Similar to ShopBack, begin by going to the Cashrewards website or downloading their app.
  2. Register for an Account: You’ll need to provide some basic information like your name, email address, and a password. Alternatively, you can use your existing Facebook or Google account to sign up.
  3. Email Confirmation: Cashrewards also requires email verification. Check your inbox for a confirmation email and click the link provided to activate your account.
  4. Setting Up Payment Details: In your account settings, add your bank account or PayPal details. This is where your cashback will be sent once you start earning.
  5. Begin Your Shopping Journey: With your account set up, browse through the retailers listed on Cashrewards, choose one, and start shopping to accumulate cashback.
  • Ease of Sign-Up: Both platforms, as leading online shopping portals, offer a straightforward and user-friendly sign-up process. The option to sign up with Google or Facebook accounts is available on both, simplifying the process.
  • Verification Steps: Both require email verification, ensuring the security and authenticity of the user.
  • Payment Information Linking: ShopBack and Cashrewards both allow users to link their bank accounts or PayPal accounts, though the specific process might vary slightly in user interface and navigation.

Retailer Range: ShopBack vs. Cashrewards

When it comes to online cashback services, the range of retailers each platform partners with is a crucial aspect for users. Here’s how ShopBack and Cashrewards stack up in terms of their retailer range.

ShopBack’s Retail Partners

ShopBack boasts a diverse array of retail partners spanning various categories. Users can find cashback opportunities in sectors ranging from fashion and electronics to travel and groceries. Prominent brands and retailers like David Jones, ASOS, and are part of ShopBack’s offerings. Additionally, ShopBack often collaborates with these retailers to provide exclusive deals and upsized cashback offers, particularly during special events or promotions.

Cashrewards’ Retail Selection

Cashrewards also offers a broad range of retailers, with many overlapping with ShopBack. However, Cashrewards tends to have a slight edge in terms of partnerships with local Australian stores and services. They also feature a mix of well-known international brands, making them a versatile choice for various shopping needs. Like ShopBack, Cashrewards frequently updates their deals and cashback rates, especially during peak shopping seasons.

  • Variety of Retailers: Both platforms cover a wide range of retailers, including popular online stores, luxury brands, and everyday shopping needs. The key difference lies in the specific partnerships and exclusive deals each platform might secure with different retailers.
  • Exclusive Deals: While there is significant overlap in the retailers featured on both platforms, each occasionally offers exclusive deals or higher cashback rates with certain retailers. For instance, ShopBack might offer a higher cashback percentage with a tech retailer, while Cashrewards might have a better deal with a fashion brand during the same period.
  • Local vs. International Brands: Cashrewards is known to have a strong presence of local Australian brands, whereas ShopBack has a mix of both local and international retailers.

Tracking Purchases: ShopBack and Cashrewards Mechanisms

Understanding how cashback platforms like ShopBack and Cashrewards track purchases is crucial for users to ensure they receive their due rewards. Here’s an insight into the tracking mechanisms of both platforms.

ShopBack’s Purchase Tracking Method

  1. User Journey Tracking: When a user clicks on a link within the ShopBack app or website to a retailer, ShopBack uses cookies to track the user’s journey. This tracking ensures that the purchase is registered as a transaction via ShopBack.
  2. Order Confirmation: Once the purchase is made, the retailer sends an order confirmation to the user and reports the transaction to ShopBack.
  3. Cashback Crediting: After a verification period, which can vary depending on the retailer, the cashback is credited to the user’s ShopBack account. This period allows for the return and exchange policies of the retailers.

Cashrewards’ Purchase Tracking Process

  1. Click-Through Verification: Similar to ShopBack, Cashrewards uses cookies to track a user’s click-through from their platform to the retailer’s site. This is crucial for attributing the sale to Cashrewards.
  2. Transaction Reporting: The retailer acknowledges the purchase and reports back to Cashrewards. Users usually receive an email notification acknowledging the tracked purchase.
  3. Reward Allocation: Once the retailer confirms the transaction and the return period has lapsed, Cashrewards credits the cashback to the user’s account. The wait time for this credit is dependent on the retailer’s reporting schedule and policy.
  • Tracking Technology: Both platforms use similar cookie-based tracking technology, but there might be slight differences in the duration of cookie tracking and how they handle situations where cookies are blocked or not properly captured.
  • Verification and Crediting Time: The time it takes for cashback to be credited can vary between ShopBack and Cashrewards, largely due to the retailer’s reporting and confirmation policies. Some users might find that one platform credits cashback faster than the other, though this can be retailer-specific.
  • User Interface for Tracking: The user interface and the ease of tracking and viewing pending cashback might differ slightly between the two platforms, affecting the user experience in monitoring pending transactions.

Both ShopBack and Cashrewards employ robust systems to track online purchases, ensuring that users receive their cashback. While the fundamental tracking technology is similar, the differences lie in the processing times and user interface, which can influence the overall user experience on each platform.

Promo Codes, Offers, and Discounts: A Comparative Overview

ShopBack and Cashrewards both offer a variety of promo codes, offers, and discounts, but there are nuances in the types of deals each platform provides. Here’s how they compare:

ShopBack’s Promotional Offers

  • Exclusive Promo Codes: ShopBack often secures exclusive promo codes that provide additional discounts or higher cashback rates. These can range from specific product categories to sitewide discounts.
  • Special Event Offers: During shopping events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, ShopBack tends to ramp up its deals, offering higher cashback percentages and special limited-time offers.
  • Daily and Weekly Deals: Regularly updated, ShopBack’s daily and weekly deals keep the platform dynamic, giving users new opportunities to save every time they log in.
  • Referral Bonuses: ShopBack also incentivizes its users with referral bonuses, providing cash rewards for each new user referred to the platform.

Cashrewards’ Discount Strategies

  • Broad Range of Promo Codes: Cashrewards offers a wide array of promo codes, which can be applied across various retailers. These codes are regularly updated and cater to a diverse range of shopping categories.
  • Exclusive Retailer Offers: Similar to ShopBack, Cashrewards collaborates with retailers to offer exclusive deals and higher cashback rates, especially for its regular users.
  • Seasonal Campaigns: Cashrewards is known for its seasonal campaigns, offering enhanced cashback rates and special discounts during key shopping periods.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Beyond the usual cashback, Cashrewards occasionally offers additional loyalty rewards to its frequent users, enhancing the overall value of their shopping experience.
  • Variety and Frequency of Offers: Both platforms are quite competitive in the variety and frequency of their offers. The choice often comes down to specific user preferences and the type of products they are looking to purchase.
  • Exclusivity of Deals: While there is an overlap in the types of deals offered, each platform sometimes secures exclusive deals with certain retailers, which can be a deciding factor for users looking for the best possible savings.
  • User Engagement and Incentives: Both platforms engage users with different incentives. ShopBack has a strong focus on referral bonuses, whereas Cashrewards emphasizes loyalty rewards for frequent users.

The Apps Face-Off: ShopBack vs. Cashrewards Mobile Experience

In the world of cashback services, the mobile experience is crucial. Here’s how the ShopBack and Cashrewards apps stack up against each other in terms of features and user experience.

ShopBack Mobile App

  • User Interface (UI): ShopBack’s app boasts a modern and intuitive interface. The navigation is straightforward, making it easy for users to find deals, track their cashback, and access their account settings. The design is sleek and user-friendly, catering to a tech-savvy audience.
  • Features: Key features include real-time tracking of cashback, easy access to promo codes, and a seamless checkout process. The app also sends push notifications for new deals and offers, keeping users engaged.
  • Performance: Generally, the ShopBack app is known for its smooth performance, with minimal lag or glitches. It’s regularly updated to enhance user experience and fix any bugs.
  • Exclusive App Deals: Occasionally, ShopBack offers app-exclusive deals, encouraging users to shop via the app instead of the website.

Cashrewards Mobile App

  • User Interface (UI): The Cashrewards app also offers a clean and user-friendly interface, though it tends to have a more traditional layout. It’s easy to navigate, with clear categories for different types of deals.
  • Features: Similar to ShopBack, it provides features like tracking cashback, accessing special offers, and personalized notifications. Cashrewards also includes a feature to favorite certain retailers for quicker access.
  • Performance: The app is reliable with consistent updates to improve functionality. Users report a stable experience with quick loading times for different sections of the app.
  • Special Features: Cashrewards often integrates additional features like increased cashback rates for a short period or special contests and giveaways within the app.
  • Ease of Use: Both apps are user-friendly, but ShopBack’s modern design might be more appealing to younger users, while Cashrewards’ traditional approach could resonate more with users accustomed to classic layouts.
  • Functionalities and Features: Functionality-wise, both apps are on par, offering all the essential features needed for effective cashback shopping. However, ShopBack tends to be more aggressive in pushing app-exclusive deals.
  • Performance and Reliability: In terms of performance, both apps are highly reliable, with regular updates to ensure a smooth user experience. Users report few issues with either app, indicating strong technical support from both platforms.

Alternatives to ShopBack in Australia: How They Stack Up

While ShopBack and Cashrewards are prominent players in the Australian cashback market, there are other services worth considering. Here’s a brief overview of some alternatives and how they compare to ShopBack and Cashrewards.

1. Honey

  • Overview: Primarily known for its automatic coupon application at checkout, Honey also offers a rewards program called Honey Gold, which can be redeemed for gift cards.
  • Comparison: Unlike ShopBack and Cashrewards, which focus more on direct cashback, Honey emphasizes finding and applying the best coupon codes. Its cashback feature, Honey Gold, is more limited in retailer options compared to ShopBack and Cashrewards.
  • Referral Bonus: Sign up for Honey using my Honey referral link and receive 500 Honey Gold points, equivalent to around $10 when redeemed.

2. Coupert

  • Overview: Coupert is a newer entrant in the cashback market, offering a browser extension that automatically applies coupons and offers cashback.
  • Comparison: Similar to Honey, Coupert focuses on both coupon discovery and cashback. While it has a growing range of Australian retailer partnerships, it may not yet match the breadth of ShopBack and Cashrewards.
  • Use my Coupert referral link to join Coupert and get a $10 welcome bonus.

3. Swagbucks

  • Overview: Swagbucks is a versatile platform that offers cashback (referred to as SB points) for shopping, as well as for completing surveys and watching videos.
  • Comparison: Swagbucks offers a broader range of activities to earn rewards compared to the straightforward shopping cashback focus of ShopBack and Cashrewards. However, it might not offer as high cashback rates for shopping as the other two.

4. Quidco

  • Overview: A UK-based cashback site that is also available in Australia, Quidco offers cashback from various online retailers.
  • Comparison: Quidco is similar to ShopBack and Cashrewards in terms of providing direct cashback for online shopping. However, it might have a different range of retailer partnerships due to its UK origin.

5. Rakuten

  • Overview: Known globally, Rakuten offers cashback, coupons, and promo codes. It has a significant presence in various countries, including Australia.
  • Comparison: Rakuten competes directly with ShopBack and Cashrewards in terms of retailer partnerships and cashback offers. The global reach of Rakuten might appeal to users who shop internationally.

Privacy and Data: How ShopBack and Cashrewards Handle Your Information

In an era where data privacy is of paramount importance, understanding how cashback services like ShopBack and Cashrewards handle user information is crucial. Here’s a comparison of their approaches to privacy and data security.

ShopBack’s Approach to Data Privacy

  • Data Collection: ShopBack collects user data such as email addresses, shopping habits, and payment information primarily to facilitate transactions and personalize the user experience.
  • Data Usage: This information is used for processing cashback, providing customer support, and tailoring offers. ShopBack also uses data analytics to improve their services.
  • Security Measures: ShopBack implements various security measures, including encryption and secure servers, to protect user data. They are transparent in their privacy policy about how data is stored and protected.
  • User Control: Users have some control over their personal information, with options to update or delete their data from ShopBack’s systems.

Cashrewards’ Data Handling Practices

  • Data Collection: Similar to ShopBack, Cashrewards collects personal information for transactional purposes and to enhance user experience.
  • Usage of Information: They use this data to track purchases, credit cashback, and offer customer service. Cashrewards also uses data for marketing purposes, like sending personalized offers to users.
  • Protective Measures: Cashrewards employs robust security protocols to safeguard user data, including encryption and secure data storage.
  • Privacy Policy and User Rights: Their privacy policy outlines how data is collected, used, and protected. Users can access their data and request modifications or deletions.
  • Transparency: Both ShopBack and Cashrewards maintain transparent privacy policies, clearly outlining their data collection and usage practices.
  • Security: Each platform employs industry-standard security measures to protect user data. This includes encryption and secure server use to safeguard personal and payment information.
  • User Empowerment: Both services provide users with some level of control over their personal information, allowing them to update or remove their data upon request.

ShopBack and Cashrewards both take user privacy and data security seriously, adhering to standard practices for data protection. They are transparent about their data handling practices, ensuring users are aware of how their information is used and protected. While their approaches are similar, users should always review the privacy policies of each service to understand the specifics of data handling and their rights as users.

Referral Programs: ShopBack vs. Cashrewards

Referral programs are a common feature of cashback services, incentivizing users to invite friends and family to use the platform. Here’s a general comparison of how these programs work with each platform.

I’ll also provide you with my exclusive affiliate sign-up bonuses. When you join Shopback or Cashrwards through my affiliate link, you not only start saving on your purchases but also receive a generous welcome bonus.

ShopBack’s Referral Program

  • Referral Bonuses: ShopBack typically offers a referral bonus to users who invite others to join the platform. This bonus is usually credited to the user’s account once the referred individual signs up and completes a qualifying purchase.
  • Benefits for New Users: Often, new users signing up through a referral link also receive a welcome bonus, giving them an immediate reward for joining.
  • Limitations and Conditions: Referral bonuses usually have certain conditions, such as a minimum purchase amount by the referred user before the bonus is credited.

Cashrewards’ Referral Program

  • Incentives for Referring: Similar to ShopBack, Cashrewards rewards users who refer new members. These rewards are typically in the form of cashback credited to the user’s account.
  • Advantages for Referred Users: New users joining Cashrewards via a referral link might also receive a first-time user bonus, adding value to their initial experience.
  • Qualifying Criteria: As with ShopBack, there are usually conditions attached to earning referral bonuses, such as a minimum spend by the new user.
  • Bonus Structure: Both ShopBack and Cashrewards have similar structures for their referral programs, offering bonuses to both the referrer and the referee.
  • Conditions for Bonuses: The specific conditions, such as minimum spend requirements or time limits to complete the first purchase, can vary and are typically outlined in each platform’s referral program terms.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Occasionally, both platforms might run special promotional campaigns where they increase the referral bonuses for a limited time.

While the specific details of ShopBack and Cashrewards’ referral programs may vary slightly, both aim to reward users for bringing new members to their platforms. These programs are a win-win for both existing users and new sign-ups, fostering a growing user base for each service. 

I’ve provided my affiliate links below, which will earn you a free bonus if you click signup below using the links. The referral bonus you earn for signing up is always changing – I try my best to keep them up to date, but you can see the exact amount you will receive as a bonus once you’ve clicked on the sign up button that takes you to the official websites.


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Make a qualifying purchase of $20 or more within 14 days of signing up to earn a bonus $10!

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Maximizing Cashback with ShopBack and Cashrewards

After a thorough comparison of ShopBack and Cashrewards, it’s clear that both platforms offer unique benefits and features that can significantly enhance your online shopping experience. Here’s a summary of the key findings and some final recommendations for maximizing cashback with these leading cashback apps:

Key Findings:

  • Retailer Range: Both ShopBack and Cashrewards have a wide range of retail partners, with some overlap. However, each occasionally offers exclusive deals or higher cashback rates with specific retailers.
  • User Experience: ShopBack’s app and website tend to have a more modern interface, while Cashrewards offers a more traditional user experience. Both are user-friendly and efficient.
  • Promotions and Offers: Each platform provides a variety of promo codes, special offers, and seasonal campaigns, with some unique deals exclusive to each.
  • Data Privacy and Security: ShopBack and Cashrewards are committed to user data security and privacy, employing robust measures to protect user information.
  • Referral Programs: Both services offer referral programs that reward users for inviting new members, with bonuses for both the referrer and the new user.

Maximizing Cashback: Using ShopBack and Cashrewards Together

  • Compare Before You Shop: To maximize your cashback, compare the cashback rates and special offers on both ShopBack and Cashrewards before making a purchase. This strategy ensures you’re always getting the best deal available.
  • Understanding the Exclusivity of Cashback Offers: When it comes to maximizing your savings with cashback apps, it’s important to understand that ShopBack and Cashrewards offers cannot be combined. Each platform operates independently, and here’s why:

    • Cookie Tracking: Both ShopBack and Cashrewards use cookies to track your shopping session. The cashback is credited based on the last cookie set before your purchase. This means if you click through ShopBack last before making a purchase, only ShopBack will recognize the transaction for a cashback reward, and vice versa with Cashrewards.

    • Exclusive Deals: Because each platform wants to be the one to refer you to the retailer, the cashback deal is exclusive to the platform whose link you used last. If you’ve clicked through a deal on ShopBack and then navigate to Cashrewards to click the same deal, the latter’s cookie will overwrite the former’s, making Cashrewards the referrer of record.

    • One Deal at a Time: Attempting to use both apps simultaneously for a single transaction will not double your benefits. Instead, only the app with the final click before the purchase will be eligible to offer you cashback. This is determined by the affiliate marketing system which attributes the sale to the last click, ensuring that only one cashback provider is rewarded

  • Leverage Unique Offers: Keep an eye on each platform for exclusive deals. Depending on the shopping category or the retailer, one platform may offer a more lucrative deal at a given time.
  • Use Referral Bonuses: Take advantage of the referral programs on both platforms. Refer friends to both ShopBack and Cashrewards to maximize your earnings from their referral schemes.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly check both apps and subscribe to their newsletters. Staying updated with the latest deals and promotions can lead to more significant savings.

When comparing Shopback and Cashrewards, both have unique strengths and using them in tandem is the optimal strategy for maximizing cashback on your online purchases. By actively comparing their offers and utilizing the unique features of each, savvy shoppers can enhance their savings and make the most out of their online shopping experiences.

FAQ: ShopBack and Cashrewards in Australia

Both platforms partner with retailers to offer cashback on your purchases. When you shop through their app or website, a portion of your purchase is returned to you as cashback.

Yes, both services are free to join and use. They make money through affiliate commissions from retailers, not from users.

No, you can only earn cashback from one service per purchase. It's best to compare which service offers the best cashback rate for each purchase.

The time to receive cashback can vary depending on the retailer’s confirmation and the platform’s processing time. It can range from a few days to several weeks.

Both platforms have a wide range of retailers covering various categories like fashion, electronics, travel, and groceries.

Cashback can be transferred to your bank account, PayPal account, or redeemed as gift cards, depending on the platform's options.

Yes, you can often use other promo codes or discounts in conjunction with cashback offers. However, ensure they are compatible as per each platform's terms.

Both platforms use standard security measures to protect your data, including encryption and secure servers.

Yes, both offer referral programs where you can earn bonuses by inviting friends to sign up and shop.

Some cashback offers are available for in-store purchases, but this depends on the specific retailer and offer available on each platform.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s always best to refer to the official ShopBack and Cashrewards websites or contact their customer support directly.

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