Earth illuminated by city lights with a rocket trajectory, accompanied by the text 'Your trajectory to wealth starts here' and 'About Me.'

Simplifying seemingly complicated financial concepts for the everyday person

Where did your ‘understanding’ of money come from?

How do you manage it? 

Often our understanding comes from what we’re used to seeing our parents or role models do as we grow up.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right way.

This blog is all about improving financial literacy, without complicating it.

Who Am I?

Hello and welcome to my personal website/blog!

I’m Nate, a 27 y/o from Australia.

I created Trajectory To Wealth to share and discuss a passion of mine – financial literacy, and learning how to intelligently manage money using simple steps that anyone is capable of following.

My ambitions for this site are quite simple – to offer a genuine firsthand account of the ideas, strategies, and investments I am exploring to improve my financial situation. That’s it, no strings attached.

No get-rich-quick scheme or paid course that will ‘make you millions in a month’ – instead, just an overwhelmingly ordinary guy discussing and publicising the tools, resources and actions he is taking to move closer towards this goal.

Let me emphasise that I am just an ordinary guy, no genius, no guru – just someone sharing an interest of theirs with you!

My Qualifications

I graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering and business management in 2021, and now hold a full-time job as a rocket scientist/engineer. I’m incredibly passionate about space and rocket technology, which is why you’ll see many space related puns and themes throughout my website.

Now, you might be wondering – “how is that relevant to the goals of my website”, and the answer is – well it’s not really what I studied that matters.

What I do like to think is relevant from my 6-years of studies, however, is my ability to conduct thorough research and dissect the important content from seemingly complicated topics. My goal is to essentially strip down the unnecessary complexities and misconceptions that we may have about money and the concept of building wealth.


The reason I am passionate about financial independence and building wealth is not because I want to be rich to flaunt a luxury car or have an amazing house. But because whether we like it or not, money has a prominent role in all of our lives. It affects us all and can so often be an overwhelmingly pain-stricken burden that negatively impacts our lives. For me personally, I want to avoid this happening in my life. That’s why I created this website – a way to hold me accountable.

I’m a firm believer that the highest form of intellect is the ability to take a seemingly complicated concept and simplify it down to the point that someone without any previous understanding of that concept – can grasp.

Essentially, that is what my personal brand is about – etching away the unnecessary clutter of finance and investment-related topics and strategies, down to a level that we (or at least I) can understand. 

Investing and exploring creative ways to make money online is now a strong passion of mine. I may only be new to blogging and posting about my journey online, but it is something that really excites me and brings joy to me. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters – finding something enjoyable, fun and that you love doing will always prevail.

Remember, I have a full-time job (which often requires 50+ hours of my time each week) so I can’t dedicate long 8 hour days to my blog. Instead, everything I am doing is done in just a few hours per week that I put aside in the evenings, so any ordinary person working a 9 to 5 like myself could find that time!

If any of this resonates with, or interests you, I encourage you to read a detailed account of my personal story and journey leading up to the creation of this website, which can be found in my post below:

The personal finance journey leading to the creation of Trajectory To Wealth.
Igniting Your Personal Finance Journey: The Trajectory To Wealth Story
Join me on my personal finance journey towards financial independence. Boost your financial literacy...

I look forward to building my personal brand with your support!

– Nate

What's With The Logo And Brand Name?

Rocket with cash notes as fuel, symbolizing financial growth and wealth-building

Because my full-time profession is that of a rocket engineer/scientist, I really wanted to incorporate this into my personal brand. 

So how could I do that?

Well, a major part of my job is simulating the flight performance of rocket vehicles – in other words, calculating the trajectory of a flying vehicle and predicting where it will land. 

So this is where I got the idea to incorporate the term “trajectory” into my brand. It represents my passion for aerospace engineering, as well as symbolising my ‘trajectory’ towards financial independence or ‘wealth’, hence the name of my blog

Nerdy? Perhaps a bit lame even? Absolutely.

But I love it.